300krad Radiation Tolerant Space Clocks

Construction Suitable for Extreme Radiation Environments

All active devices are acceptable for use in environments of up to 300krad TID or ELDRS by performance of Radiation Lot Acceptance Testing (RLAT) on individual components from the designated wafer lots intended to build the flight units. The ACMOS and LVDS microcircuit die are sourced in accordance with Standard Microcircuit Drawing 5962F, Class V (MIL-PRF-38535) qualified devices and are guaranteed to have no SEL/SEU occurrences at effective LETs of ≤93 and ≤120 MeV-cm2/mg respectively. The bipolar transistors are considered insensitive to Single Event Effects (SEE).

Key Elements and Advantages:

  • Outputs:
    • ACMOS (DOC206379)
    • LVDS (DOC206903
  • 300krad (Si) tolerant for deep space missions such as Europa and JUICE
  • Construction utilizes “5962F” SMD microcircuits and bipolar transistors from ELDRS tested wafer lots
  • Popular 20 Lead Flatpack


  • Manned Space Flight
  • Deep Space Exploration
  • Defense Satellites
  • Commercial Satellites
  • Scientific Satellites
  • Ground Based ICBM Silos

Courtesy of Vectron