Vectron TX-707; Low G TCXO Supporting Temperatures to +105°C

Courtesy of Vectron

TCXO for High Vibration with Extended Temp Range

The TX-707 Series Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator combines innovative manufacturing and the latest technology to provide low phase noise while supporting temperatures to +105°C. The fully hermetic assembly includes a dual crystal circuit to cancel opposing g-sensitivity vectors while being enclosed in a 5x7mm ceramic package; making the TX-707 a versatile solution for a variety of applications.


  • Operating Temp Range to +105°C
  • Low g-sensitivity: 0.1ppb/g
  • High Shock Survival up to 20kg
  • Frequency Range: 8MHz to 52MHz
  • Surface Mount, Low Profile
  • Fully Hermetic Seal
  • Low Phase Noise


  • GNSS
  • Missile systems
  • GPS Telemetry
  • Military Portable Radios
  • Test and Measurement Equipment

TX-707 Datasheet