Vectron VC-827; 3.2×2.5 Differential XO with Best-in-Class Jitter

Courtesy of Vectron

The VC-827 is designed for applications requiring low phase jitter at high operating temperatures while delivering this performance in a small footprint and at a cost consistent with today’s high volume networking applications.


  • Ultra Low Jitter Performance
  • Excellent Power Supply Rejection Ratio
  • Hermetically Sealed Ceramic Package
  • Extended Temp Range of -40 to 105°C
  • Frequencies from 20MHz to 170MHz
  • Differential LVDS or LVPECL Output
  • Supply Voltages @ 3.3V or 2.5V


  • Data Center
  • Ethernet, GE, SynchE
  • GPON
  • Enterprise Servers
  • Fiber Channel
  • Clock Source for ADC’s, DAC’s
  • Test and Measurement

VC-827 Datasheet

Differential (LVPECL / LVDS)

Crystal Oscillator (XO)