Teledyne Electromechanical relay

The ultraminiature GRF121 relay

Electromechanical relay / temperature / SMD / RF GRF121


Type: Electromechanical

Technology: RF

Function: Temperature

Form: SMD


The ultraminiature GRF121 relay is designed to provide a practical surface-mount switching solution with RF performance and repeatability to 16GHz. The GRF121 improves on Teledyne Relays’ heritage of miniature RF relays by incorporating a precision transmission line structure in the internal construction of the contact system. GRF121 relays feature a unique ground shield to facilitate surface mounting and to extend the frequency range when compared to through-hole solutions.

The RF/GRF121 features:
• DC-16GHz
• 40Gbps
• High Repeatability
• Wide Bandwidth Performance
• Higher Isolation Between Each Signal Path
• Metal Enclosure for EMI Shielding
• High Isolation Between Control and Signal Paths
• High Resistance to ESD

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