Achieving Centimeter Level Performance with Low Cost Antennas

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Achieving Centimeter Level Performance with Low Cost Antennas

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Satellite navigation systems have been around for over 35 years and they have made all aspects of navigation much easier. Until now there have been only minor revisions to automotive satellite navigation and we have learned to deal with the limitations the technology has suffered from in the past. However, new advances in a number of technologies have contributed to significantly improving the navigation accuracy and reliability. This white paper will review the current state of satellite navigation, highlight recent technology advances, and explore possible new business opportunities these innovations enable. Depending on the application, businesses adopting UDR technology in their products and services will be able to significantly differentiate their offerings from competitors. For example, in the case of navigation units the benefits will include providing an enhanced customer experience especially in marginal signal areas. For road tolling organizations the infrastructure required, such as gantries, will be much simpler and consequently much cheaper to install. Fleet management organizations will be able to improve the efficiency of fuel management solutions to their customers and offer the potential to differentiate themselves from competitors with the accuracy of route and traffic planning for example.

u‑blox shows how inexpensive patch antennas can be used to achieve centimeter‑level accuracies using the u‑blox NEO‑M8P receiver. In particular, we show that it is essential that patch antennas are used with an appropriate ground plane. Ground planes can mitigate multipath effects to a level where the patch antenna performance can reach that of survey‑grade antennas.

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