An expanded Knowles Precision Devices makes a return to Electronica 2018

Courtesy of Knowles Precision Devices : An expanded Knowles Precision Devices makes a return to Electronica 2018

Two years of innovating product lines and expansion through acquisitions sees a re-branded Knowles Precision Devices return to Electronica 2018 on stand B6 336. As a premier global source for MLC & SLC Capacitors, RF & Microwave Components, EMI Filters, Trimmer, non-magnetic components and advanced dielectric materials, Knowles PD will be on hand to discuss the extension of many MLCC lines, including the 250 HiT range for automotive under-hood applications and their much-expanded range of trimmer products.

New and evolving markets, including automotive, defense, mobile, industrial, and internet of things (IoT) are creating surges in demand for passive components. As a result, some manufacturers are unable to fulfil orders, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) market, and are ceasing production of mature lines or slimming down ranges in favour of newer and more profitable products. Knowles Precision Devices has continued to support a range of capacitor products for automotive applications, AEC-Q200 qualified, and is poised to offer solutions not considered catalog items.

The Knowles Precision Devices HiT range of MLCCs are designed to meet the needs of high-voltage EV applications, with an operating temperature range of -55 to +200ºC. Specifications encompass both Stable (C0G) and ultra-stable (X7R) dielectric options in case sizes 0805 to 2220, with capacitance spread of 4.7pF to 3.3uF, and rated voltages of 16 to 630V dc. The specified max capacitor values for the 500/630V parts has recently been increased to an upper limit of 68nF, with the addition of an 0603 case size in X7R material.

To better support customers in the medical devices industry, Knowles Precision Devices acquired Johanson Manufacturing, extending its portfolio of trimmers significantly to now include air, glass, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics, that can be used from 1 MHz to over 2 GHz, and at voltages up to 20,000 VDC. In addition, a complete line of non-magnetic components for the MRI and NMR industries, including trimmer capacitors, chip capacitors, fixed and variable inductors, and hardware, is also available. Knowles PD are proud to serve a wide variety of markets and have products suitable for challenging applications including military, aerospace/avionics, medical, EMI and connector filtering, automotive, telecoms and data networks.


Note: Dielectric Laboratories (DLI), Novacap, Syfer Technology and Voltronics came together to form a single organisation,

Knowles Precision Devices – they have now been joined by Johanson Manufacturing and Compex. This entity has a combined

history exceeding 200 years and is a division of Knowles Corporation of USA, an independent publicly traded company.

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