u-blox UBX-M9140

UBX-M9140 GNSS Module by u-blox AG

UBX-M9140 GNSS Module by u-blox AG

The UBX-M9140 from u-blox is a GNSS module that can receive signals from up to four GNSS constellations (GPS, Glonass, Beidou, and Galileo) concurrently, in order to achieve high positional accuracy even in difficult conditions such as deep urban canyons. The module provides exceptional sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS systems and delivers meter-level accuracy performance. It has a position update rate of up to 25 Hz, enabling dynamic applications like UAVs to receive position information with low latency. This module has special filtering against RF interference and jamming, it detects jamming and spoofing events and re-ports them to the host so that the system can react to such events in a timely fashion. The UBX-M9140 chip is available in a 5.00 x 5.00 x 0.59 mm surface-mount package with two different variants to serve automotive (UBX-M9140-KA) and industrial tracking (UBX-M9140-KB) applications, such as navigation, telematics, and UAVs.

Product Details

    • Part Number : UBX-M9140
    • Manufacturer : u-blox AG
    • Description : Ultra-Robust GNSS Module for Automotive and UAV Applications

General Parameters

    • Galileo : Yes
    • GPS : Yes
    • GLONASS : Yes
    • BEIDOU : Yes
    • QZSS : Yes
    • SBAS : Yes
    • Interface : UART, USB, DDC, SPI
    • Integrated Antenna : Yes
    • Supply Voltage : 1.8 to 3 V
    • Current : 23 to 32 mA
    • Configuration : Antenna, TCXO, LNA
    • Package Type : Surface Mount
    • Package : 40 pin QFN
    • Application : Automotive Navigation
    • Dimension : 5 x 5 x 0.59 mm
    • Operating Temperature : -40 to 105 degree C
    • Storage Temperature : -40 to 125 Degree C
    • RoHS : Yes

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