Introducing the Wearable Smart Radio

Introducing the Wearable Smart Radio

Introducing the Wearable Smart Radio

Enabling Team Collaboration on Private Wireless Mesh Networks

The Wearable Smart Radio by Doodle Labs is a compact, wireless mobile mesh router with an integrated WiFi hotspot to allow internet-enabled devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to connect to the mesh network.

The Wearable radio provides long-range, high-speed Private Wireless Mesh connectivity for personnel in the field. The WiFi hotspot capability allows field workers to seamlessly collaborate with other team members both in the field and offsite locations using the devices they already have. Field workers can use the company’s productivity enhancement apps on an encrypted Private Wireless Mesh network.

The Wearable Smart Radio supports many use cases in industry sectors like Construction, Agriculture, Logistics & Material Handling, Healthcare, Public Safety, Disaster Management, Border Patrol and Defense deployments.

Versatile Smart Radio Platform:

Based on Doodle Labs’ patented Mesh Rider® OS, a state-of-the-art networking technology designed for optimal connectivity for mobile robotics. The Smart Radio Platform provide an ultra-reliable, low latency, long-range, encrypted, high-speed private wireless mesh networking solution. Smart Radios are available in frequency bands between 100 MHz to 6 GHz and in several use-case optimized form factors to meet any deployment requirements.

The Wearable Smart Radio is available for immediate ordering from Doodle Labs. In view of the vast use cases, the Wearable Smart Radio platform is undergoing global certifications in many unlicensed frequency bands.

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About Doodle Labs

Enabling Private Wireless Mesh Networks

For over 20 years, Doodle Labs has been at the forefront of developing long-range broadband communication technologies used for deploying private wireless networks.

Our products have been used by Fortune 100 companies in the most demanding environments on earth.

Doodle Labs’ design philosophy is focused on achieving best-in-class performance while requiring minimal integration effort, thereby allowing customers to go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost.

Mesh Rider™ is an innovative, patented mobile mesh wireless broadband technology developed by Doodle Labs. It focuses on high-throughput data communication over long distances and enables Private Wireless Mesh Network operation in licensed and license-free bands. Learn more about Mesh Rider.

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