0806SQ Series RF Inductor by Coilcraft

0806SQ Series RF Inductor by Coilcraft

0806SQ Series RF Inductor by Coilcraft

The 0806SQ Series from Coilcraft are Square Air Core Inductors with inductance values from 5.5 to 19.4 nH. They have Q-factors of up to 90, DC resistance of less than 10 mOhm and can handle an RMS current of 2.9 A. These inductors have a flat top and bottom for reliable pick and place and mechanical stability. They are suitable for use in narrowband RF amplifier matching and tuning applications. High-reliability versions of these inductors are also available for space, military, and other critical applications.

Product Details

  • Part Number: 0806SQ Series
  • Manufacturer: Coilcraft
  • Description: Square Air Core Inductors from 5.5 to 19.4 nH

General Parameters

  • Applications: Space, Military, and other Critical Applications
  • Inductance: 0.0055 to 0.0194 uH
  • DC Resistance: 3.4 to 10 mOhms
  • DC Current: 2.9 A
  • Self Resonant Frequency: 4 to 5.2 GHz
  • Width: 1.829 mm
  • Thickness: 0.254 mm
  • RoHS: Yes
  • Type: Air Core
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 80 Degree C
  • Quality Factor: 60 to 90
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 125 Degree C
  • Tolerance: 2.5 %

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