MEQ10-70ACH Gain Equalizer by Marki Microwave

MEQ10-70ACH Gain Equalizer by Marki Microwave 

MEQ10-70ACH Gain Equalizer by Marki Microwave

The MEQ10-70AC from Marki Microwave is a passive GaAs MMIC equalizer that operates from DC to 70 GHz. It provides a positive gain slope and offers 4, 6.8, and 10 dB attenuation options. This passive equalizer has an insertion loss of less than 1.8 dB and provides a return loss of 25 dB. It is an ideal solution for compensating for low-pass filtering effects in RF/microwave and high-speed digital systems. The GaAs MMIC technology of this equalizer provides consistent unit-to-unit performance in a small, low-cost form factor, and it consumes less than 22 mA of current.

The MEQ10-70AC is available as a bare die that measures 1.25 x 1.1 mm and can operate at temperatures ranging from -55 to 100°C. It is ideal for RF transceivers, high-speed data, telecom, cable loss compensation, amplifier compensation, and 5G applications.

Product Details

  • Part Number: MEQ10-70ACH
  • Manufacturer: Marki Microwave
  • Description: Passive GaAs MMIC Equalizer from DC to 70 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type: Positive Gain Slope
  • Application: 5G, Amplifier Compensation, Cable Loss Compensation, RF Transceivers
  • Application Industry: Cellular
  • Frequency: DC to 70 GHz
  • Attenuation: 10 dB
  • Gain Equalization: 10 dB
  • Insertion Loss: 1.8 dB
  • return_loss: 25 dB
  • Slope Polarity: Positive Slope
  • Package Type: Die
  • Dimensions: 1.25 x 1.1 mm
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • RoHs: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: -55 to 100 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature: -65 to 125 Degree C

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