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A grand vision: one world, one device

Courtesy of u-blox : A grand vision: one world, one device The global expansion of low power wide area networks (LPWAN) is picking up pace and for good reasons. Demand is there, with plenty of low hanging fruit to reward investments. Pick a market application and you’ll easily be able to list ways that LPWA technologies […]

Coaxial Cable Loss due to Loss Tangent

Courtesy of Pasternack Blog : Coaxial Cable Loss due to Loss Tangent Electrical losses in a coaxial cable create heat in the outer and center conductors and are the two main types of coaxial cable loss, skin-effect loss and dielectric loss, respectively. This heat, or loss, can be calculated with the understanding of the following concepts. What […]

External, Omnidirectional, 4G LTE antenna

Courtesy of Taoglas : 4G LTE antenna LWB02.A.505111 External 4G LTE Wide Band 790-960/1710-2700MHz External Wall and Pole Mount Antenna Dipole with 5M CFD200 SMA(M) Worldwide 4G LTE including 3G and 2G Product Dimensions: 335.5*45*157mm External Bracket Mount Antenna Robust design for all weather operation Cable: 5M CFD-200 Connector: SMA(M) IP67 Compliant RoHS Compliant The LWB02 […]

PD4-0R532 Power Divider by Marki Microwave

Courtesy of everything RF : PD4-0R532 Power Divider The PD4-0R532 from Marki Microwave is a 4-Way Wilkinson Power Divider that operates from 0.5 to 32 GHz. This power divider can handle up to 1 watt of power, has a low insertion loss, high isolation, and excellent phase/amplitude balance. It is available in a module with 2.92 […]

Coaxial Cable Loss due to Dielectric Conduction

Courtesy of Pasternack : Coaxial Cable Loss due to Dielectric Conduction The coaxial cable provides a transmission line with low loss characteristics that can shield from outside signals and provide a durable yet flexible line that can be used in a variety of applications with a wide range of frequencies.  At microwave frequencies, much of the […]

QPQ1297 RF Duplexer by Qorvo

Courtesy of Qorvo : QPQ1297 RF Duplexer The QPQ1297 from Qorvo is a RF Duplexer with Frequency 1.71 to 1.88 GHz, Band 1 1.71 to 1.785 GHz, Band 2 1.805 to 1.88 GHz, Insertion Loss 1.6 to 4.1 dB, Isolation 45 to 64 dB. Tags: Surface Mount. More details for QPQ1297 can be seen below. Product […]

Breakthrough Ultra Low Noise Amplifier Has 0.6 dB Noise Figure and Covers 2-6 GHz Frequency Range

Courtesy of Custom MMIC : Breakthrough Ultra Low Noise Amplifier Has 0.6 dB Noise Figure and Covers 2-6 GHz Frequency Range “We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently released a new GaAs Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) MMIC with broadband noise figure performance previously only achievable with discrete FET designs. The CMD283C3, with 0.6dB noise figure, is the […]

Smallest SMA(M) Wi-Fi Bluetooth Antenna in the IoT Market

Courtesy of Taoglas : WCM.01.0111 – 2.4GHz Button Antenna Tiny Size – 19.8mm*14.3mm*16.4mm 2400MHz to 2500MHz Antenna WiFi / Bluetooth >60% Efficiency Connector: SMA(M) IP67 Waterproof Housing Omnidirectional ROHS Compliant The WCM.01 2.4GHz antenna is the smallest SMA(M) Wi-Fi Bluetooth antenna in the IoT market, fitting into spaces no other traditional monopole, dipole or rubber ducky […]

Industrial Markets: Integration is at the heart of efficiency gains

Courtesy of u-blox : Industrial Markets In industrial markets, we see such varying applications as manufacturing, processing, instrumentation, energy management, survey monitoring, asset tracking, condition monitoring, remote control and monitoring systems. The u‑blox products are designed and developed for such applications, saving both time and money for improved efficacy and operation. We enable companies just like […]