AEDON, LLC – The biggest Russian company which is specialized in design and development of Hi-rel and compact DC/DC converters for crucial applications that are able to operate in harsh environments and meet the most demanding customer’s needs. The product portfolio consists of converters with an output power range from 2 to 1000 W.

AcSiP – An IoT Solution Company in the Internet of Things Industry. AcSiP, literally, represents our commitment to the development and service of Advanced Communication SiP technology (AcSiP = Advanced Communication System in Package).

Aliner – Aliner Industries is a leading RF connectivity solution developer, specializing in design and manufacture of high performing RF coaxial connectors, RF switch interface and cable assemblies, focusing on wireless applications, industrial grade solutions, automotive electronics and medical parts. In addition to a full series of RF connectors and customized items, Aliner’s proprietary RF Switching Connectors provide excellent antenna switching solutions for wireless infrastructure.

Coilcraft – Coilcraft chip inductors, power magnetics, EMI filters, wideband transformers. Today Coilcraft produce inductors for a long list of customers in telecommunications, computers, instrumentation and consumer electronics. Most are standard, off-the-shelf products. But many are still custom designed to meet customers’ specific requirements.

EM Microelectronic – EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specializing in the design and production of ultra low power, low voltage IC’s for battery-operated and field-powered applications in consumer, automotive and industrial areas and offer the EMBC01 Bluetooth low energy beacon & EMBC02 Bluetooth low energy beacon with accelerometer, for proximity and sensor applications.

HandyWave – HandyWave is a market leader in wireless RS232 cable replacement solutions, providing reliable and secure cable free communications for serial equipment using and expanding on the Bluetooth communication protocol. Typical applications include Point of Sale, PLC’s, data loggers, traffic light and LED signs. Any device that has a serial port can use the HandyWave range as a suitable communication cable replacement. Products include the HPS-200, HPS-120 and HPU-120 radio modems.

KW Systems, LLC – A specialized manufacturer of a wide range of AC/DC power supplies, UPS, chargers and power systems with an output power from 30 W to 100 kW. More than 15 years of experience in power electronics and systems design allows our engineers to develop a custom-designed power product or a complete system in short terms.

LabSat – LabSat GPS & multi-GNSS simulators are designed and manufactured by RACELOGIC Ltd., experts in the field of GPS testing and data logging. These small, light-weight and battery powered GPS & multi-GNSS simulators allow you to quickly gather detailed, real world satellite data and replay these signals allowing realistic and repeatable testing to be carried out under controlled conditions. The LabSat3 is fully standalone and available in single, dual or triple constellation variants with replay only or record and replay functionality.

Laird Technologies – Laird Technologies offer certified RF modules that enable secure, reliable wireless connectivity in the harshest RF environments in medical, industrial, and commercial applications. Solutions include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa, Zigbee, 802.15.4, as well as combination modules.

MARUWA – MARUWA are ceramic experts with many years experience, providing total solutions from raw materials to components. By integrating ceramic material technology and manufacturing technology MARUWA produce RF components along with devices such as GNSS helical antennas, EMI filters, magnetic sheets, NFC antennas/ modules and EMC components.

Nordic Semiconductor – Nordic Semiconductor is the world leading manufacturer of high quality, easy to use, reliable and cost effective ultra low power (ULP) wireless SoC’s, their offerings include 2.4GHz RF, ANT™, Bluetooth® low energy and Sub 1 GHz RF IC’s.

ON Semiconductor – ON Semiconductor manufactures the Axsem Sub 1 GHz transceiver IC and RF micro controllers, configurable from 27-1050 MHz for the AX5043 and 400-465/ 800-830 MHz for the AX5051, these products offer a unique combination of ultra-low power consumption for transmit and receive operation combined with highest sensitivity and high selectivity.

Radiometrix – Radiometrix design and manufacture high-quality Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers & RF Modems. Available on all UHF and VHF ISM frequencies, Narrow Band and Wide Band FM options are available and in Single-channel and Multi-Channel operation.

SignalQuest – SignalQuest precision microsensors design and manufacture electronic sensors for tilt angle, acceleration, shock, vibration and movement as well as application specific inertial measurement devices. Products are available in component, module and rugged packaged form factor to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Taoglas – Taoglas antenna solutions manufacture a broad range of antennas for use in the ISM, Cellular, Short- range and satellite communication sectors. With a comprehensive range of external, embedded and base station antenna solutions for M2M applications such as telematics/ Automotive, Smart- Grid, Metering/ Telemetry, Home Automation and remote monitoring Taoglas have your design requirements covered.

Tibbo Technology – Tibbo Technology is a manufacturer of programmable embedded modules and controllers for the automation industry which include Serial- over- IP solutions, programmable IOT gateways, hardware, sensor monitoring and the Tibbo Project System (TPS). TPS makes use of custom modules (Tibbits) which are assembled onto a PCB of your choice and enclosed in a Tibbo Project Box (TPB) for a professional looking IOT hardware control system.

u-blox – is a leading supplier of positioning and wireless semiconductors and modules for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. The broad portfolio of chips, modules and software solutions, uniquely positions u- blox to empower OEMs to develop innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, quickly and cost- effectively.

Seongji Industrial Co.

Seongji Industrial Co. – A Sigfox partner and specialized RF Company with a strong history over the past 20 years in both Mobile RF and Consumer Electronics. The core of the company being their ability to provide total RF solutions, from SAW filters through to short and long- range modules. The WSSFM10R family of modules connect you to the Sigfox network wherever you are in the world.