Why does Smart Metering need next‑generation cellular technology?

Courtesy of u-blox

Smart metering is not the most obvious application for next‑generation cellular technology. Utility meters don’t need the high data speeds of up to 100Mbps that are designed for consumer mobile video streaming. The amounts of sent data are small, the speed of transmission is not critical and low power operation is desirable. Most smart meter deployments today use 2G or 3G cellular technologies and u‑blox supplies products such as our 2G SARA‑G family and the 3G SARA‑U family into these types of metering applications. So, with 2G and 3G metering applications already so well‑established, why are some parts of the industry calling for smart meters to be upgraded to 4G technologies?

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By Sabrina Bochen
Senior Principal, Cellular Product Strategy, u-blox
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