Turnkey IoT wireless mesh network solution delivers unique smartphone-based configuration, industry best range, and works with any cloud service or sensor

Ready to deploy immediately and developed by U.S. IoT solution provider Delphian Systems, the ‘SecuRemote® Smart’ solution is built upon an ultra low power 2.4 GHz ANT wireless mesh network infrastructure using Nordic Semiconductor nRF51422 multiprotocol ANT and Bluetooth Smart SoC based modules. Delphian says SecuRemote Smart delivers an industry-leading +10dBm radio output power (with +14dBm Class 1 planned during Q2 2016), is field-proven to a 10,000m2 operating range, and supports hundreds of sensors

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that U.S. based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, Delphian Systems, has specified Nordic nRF51422 multiprotocol ANT and Bluetooth® Smart Systems-on-Chips (SoCs) in what is said to be a fully developed, ready-to-design-in, Class-1 certified wireless mesh network IoT solution for industrial and commercial applications, known asSecuRemote® Smart.

The SecuRemote system comprises cellular (2G CDMA) and Ethernet-based cloud connectivity bridges, a device management portal and, according to Delphian, unique iOS / Android smartphone control via Bluetooth Smart. SecuRemote is also said to employ an end-to-end data encryption layer along with additional levels of access security via a cloud services portal.

“With SecuRemote Smart, we took the OEM’s perspective that a complete IoT solution should be easily adapted and customized by enabling the customer’s use-case-specific sensors and data analytics,” says David Baughman, Manager of Business and Applications Development at Delphian Systems. “By supplying field tested hardware and software including industry-standard MQTT with HTTP-based REST APIs into a scalable low power wireless network, we believe we have significantly reduced the learning curve and technical barriers for IoT adoption.”

At the heart of SecuRemote are two modules. The ‘SRU232’ long-range module is designed for AC powered use and has a range of up to 300m (line-of-sight). The ‘SRU233’ short-range module is intended for battery use and has a range of up to 100m. Both modules incorporate a Nordic S310 dual stack SoftDevice, are FCC / IC approved, and according to Delphian offer an industry-best +10dBm radio output power with +14dBm (Class 1) planned for Q2 release. Typical range for the SRU233, intended for battery use, is 100m, and for the SRU232, intended for AC powered use, 300m (line-of-sight).

Delphian says the nRF51422 SoC’s ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller with 256kB Flash and 32kB RAM offers sufficient resources as an SoC to eliminate the need for an external host microcontroller in their application. In addition, when used with Nordic’s S310 SoftDevice stack, 128kB of Flash memory and 20kB of RAM is reserved for customer application firmware. Additionally, to support the SRU23x modules, Delphian provides APIs for smartphone and embedded application developers. An AT command set, accessible over UART, is also said to enable quick integration with existing microcontroller-based products.

Baughman continues: “Adding in Delphian’s SecuRemote firmware allows the modules to automatically form a self-healing mesh network of up to 250 sensor devices. And automated provisioning speeds network deployment. In addition, our mesh network is field-tested in commercial and industrial environments under hostile RF conditions in facilities up to 10,000m2.

“Leveraging the higher power output available in the SRU232 is what gives our SecuRemote mesh network a significant performance advantage in noisy and large commercial and industrial environments. Bluetooth Smart functions coexist in each mesh network node allowing direct access via a smartphone, and eliminating the need for a gateway or hub commonly employed by other IoT wireless technologies.

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