RF121 & GRF121, SPDT DC-12GHz & DC-16GHz Electro-Mechanical Relay

March, 2016. Cumbernauld, Scotland

Teledyne Relays are delighted to introduce two brand new ultra-miniature electro-mechanical relays to our product line; the RF121 and the surface-mountable GRF121 with ground shield and surface mount butt leads. These new relays boast a range of characteristics which completely supersede our previous releases.

RF121 Frequency Range: DC-12GHz
GRF121 Frequency Range: DC-16GHz
Form: SPDT
Contact Load Rating: Resistive- 0.25A @ 28Vdc
Contact Life Rating: 3M Cycles at low level
Switching Time: 7ms max
Actuation Voltage(s): 5Vdc, 12Vdc
Lead Coating: Gold, Solder Dipped and RoHS Compliant

These relays have been designed to provide a practical standard and surface mount switching solution with RF Performance and repeatability. The RF121/GRF121 improves on Teledyne Relays’ heritage of miniature RF relays by incorporating precision transmission line structure in the internal construction of the contact system. The GRF121 relays feature a unique ground shield to facilitate surface mounting and to extend the frequency range when compared to through-hole solutions.

Both of these relays boast:
High Repeatability
Wide Bandwidth Performance
Higher Isolation between each control and signal paths
High Resistance to ESD
Operating Temp of -55C to +85C and can be stored as high as +125C

Due to the excellent high frequency handling capabilities of this switch, design engineers looking to design systems which previously used coaxial switches can now look to minimise these designs with the use of the RF121 and the GRF121. This mean smaller systems with the same, if not better, performance.

Applications Information
These relays are designed for use in the following technologies
• RF Attenuators
• RF Switch Matrices
• High Frequency Spread Spectrum Radios
• Any system where dependable high frequency signal fidelity and performance up to 16GHz, 40Gbps is desired.

The datasheets for both of these relays, as well as the datasheets for all of our Electro-Mechanical Relays, can be found here at http://www.teledynerelays.com/electrorelays.asp

Teledyne Relays, a Business Unit of Teledyne Reynolds Inc., has been the world’s innovative leader in manufacturing ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, electromechanical and solid-state switching products for over 50 years. The company’s comprehensive product line meets a wide range of requirements for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace uses.

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