Visual Caffeine – Never Be Tired Again! by HEAVN UG

The HEAVN One is based around the nRF51822 multi-protocol system-on-a-chip from Trondheim-based Nordic Semiconductor that’s been designed for ULP (Ultra Low Power) wireless applications. The system features a 2.4GHz radio transceiver and incorporates a 32-bit ARM low power Cortex-M microcontroller .

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About this project

HEAVN One is the first light that really wakes you up.

Press the COFFEE BUTTON and you receive a dose of energizing blue light, boosting your productivity. We call this Visual Caffeine. Over time, the coffee effect decays and returns the light to normal, controlled automatically.

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You have probably heard of Apple’s Night Shift or f.lux, software that takes the blue out of your screen at night so you can sleep better. But during the day or when you want to work late, you need a lot of blue light to stay awake. Much more than any screen can ever produce. HEAVN One can achieve both things: If you want to work, you will get enough blue light to stay awake for hours. If you want to calm down, you will get a warm light.

How does this work?

In the daytime the light that we receive is mostly blue light from the sky. Our body, especially our Ganglion Cells, have evolved to respond to this blue light with wakefulness. It controls our wake and sleep cycle. This is the reason why Apple’s Night Shift and F.Lux removes the blue light and turns your screen yellow in the night. This prepares your body for sleep. We are using the same effect in the opposite way to get you awake at the time when you want to be productive by providing energizing light.

Whats the difference to other desk lamps?

Other desk lamps only illuminates the table with LEDs directing downwards. The HEAVN One also contains LEDs shining light directed towards the eyes at an optimal angle, proven to make you more awake.

The HEAVN One has two main features:

  • Visual Caffeine for productivity boost and focus
  • Dynamic sunlight imitation for well being

What is dynamic sunlight imitation and why is it important?

Research has shown:

  • The brain responds to the color of light to prepare your body for either wakefulness or sleep.
  • The sun is typically very rich in blue at daytime (high color temperature) and very warm in the evening (low color temperature).
  • Most people are trapped in the office with artificial light. The result is that the brain gets out of sync – you are tired in the morning and can’t sleep properly at night.

Our premium LEDs have a broad spectrum, and gradually change colour throughout the day to replicate the light we receive from the sun. This supports your daily biorhythm and gets you activated.


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