Taoglas Design & Test Services

Our Process

We select the antenna design that is right for the individual project, application or market; PIFA antennas, Monopoles, Dipoles, Loop Antennas etc.

We are not limited by design methodology, we use software and practical tried and tested procedures to deliver the most effective and efficient antenna.

This means we are also not limited by antenna frequency we have the ability to deliver all antennas for the project. For the device itself you may need to have multiple antenna types GPS, multi band cellular, diversity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID etc. It is best to have one antenna company provide all the antennas because it cuts development time by half while also availing of bulk buying discounts.

We can design and deliver an antenna at any frequency and we have a huge amount of experience in being challenged to design with small spaces and high target specifications.

This means we can work to provide the full antenna solution for a wireless network base station antennas, device antennas and remote antennas for the hard to reach connections.

Taoglas employees have built up years of practical international experience in different markets, and have worked on thousands of custom M2M devices.

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We know which designs work and which do not

We also stay close to M2M module developments and trade shows so we can keep our product line as close as possible to ever changing market demands.

We work with the leading certified test labs so we are fully aware of wireless device approvals and test methods.

Please see our General Service Packages for Cellular, GSM and ISM and please contact your Regional Office for these services.


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