Sivers IMA Introduces World’s First Transceiver Chip for FCC’s New V-Band Frequencies

Sivers IMA have introduced the world’s first transceiver chip which includes coverage of the new FCC V-band frequencies 64-71 GHz, that were recently made available in the United States. The complete transceiver has been developed on Silicon-Germanium. This transceiver module for the V-band, provides a fundamental platform, including the relevant building blocks, for their ongoing development of the WiGig RFIC, that will be released to the market in 2017.

Sivers IMA

The transceiver is packaged in a eWLB capsule for easy surface mounting on printed circuit boards and only measures 7x7mm. Since all parts are developed in Silicon-Germanium technology, the cost of the transceiver can be kept low and Sivers IMA will be able to offer products with very good price performance to manufacturers of point-to-point links. In the final version of this product, the circuit will cover the entire V-Band in US, covering from 57 GHz to 71 GHz. Prototypes of the circuit will be available to key customers in Q1 2017.

Learn more about the new transceivers from Sivers IMA here:


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