Knowles Capacitors – Electric vehicles and the coming evolution to 5G

Knowles Capacitors will be at Electronica 2016

Come and visit us at Electronica 2016 , Munich Germany 8th / 11th November 2016.
We will be in Hall 6 stand 336 on the Knowles stand.

10193 250VAC chips

Passive electronic components have always followed the advancements made by actives – and Knowles brands have always been in the forefront in developing products to suit. The two current hot topics are electric vehicles and the coming evolution to 5G – both firmly in the sights of Knowles with new products to see at Electronica 2016.

Today’s vehicles have many electronic control units that enable absolute precision and control. Electronic components used in these complex systems must withstand this harsh automotive environment. Whilst Knowles Capacitors has developed a range of capacitor products for automotive manufacturers (AEC-Q200 rev D) the company is poised to offer solutions not considered catalogue items.

Three such products are 250V ac Safety Certified Capacitors; High Temperature – up to 150°C – X8R Capacitors and Surface Mount EMI Feedthrough Filters. All available with their award winning FlexiCap™ flexible termination to reduce the risk of mechanical cracking.

Syfer branded Safety Certified Capacitors meet Class Y2/X1, X1 and X2 requirements to offer designers the option to replace leaded film types for reduced board space and lower profile. This range offers some of the highest available capacitance values in certain case sizes available.

The Syfer branded High Temperature X8R range incorporates a specially formulated termination to enhance the mechanical performance in harsh environments. X8R dielectric also operates from -55°C to +150°C with a maximum capacitance change ±15% (without applied voltage).

E01 and E07 ranges of feedthrough MLCC chip ‘C’ filters, again Syfer branded, are 3 terminal chip devices designed to offer reduced inductance compared to conventional MLCCs when used in signal line filtering. Available with current ratings of 300mA, 1A, 2A, 3A and voltage ratings of 25Vdc to 200Vdc.

In the field of mobile communications, 5G focuses on improving speed and latency to deliver a better user experience in order to enable the volume and diversity of devices and applications used.

DLI branded Thin Film devices for 5G applications have been introduced as ‘catalogue items’. Specific surface mount devices, like Bandpass, Lowpass and Highpass filters together with Power Dividers and Couplers have been developed to aid design engineers leading this evolution to 5G.

DLI’s Microwave Products integrate two core competencies – ceramic expertise and thin film manufacturing – where high permittivity and temperature stable dielectric materials allow products to be designed smaller, with higher selectivity in filtering applications.

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