DC-20 GHz BroadRange Distributed Amplifier™


The CMD192C5 is a wideband GaAs MMIC distributed driver amplifier which operates from DC to 20 GHz and is housed in a leadless surface mount package. The amplifier delivers greater than 19 dB of gain with a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +25 dBm and noise figure of 1.9 dB at 10 GHz. The CMD192C5 is a 50 ohm matched design which eliminates the need for RF port matching. This amplifier is the perfect alternative to higher cost hybrid amplifiers.


  • Ultra wideband performance
  • Positive gain slope
  • High output power
  • Low noise figure
  • Pb-free RoHS compliant 5×5 mm SMT package



Life Cycle

Released – for new design


CMD192C5 Distributed Amplifier

Frequency (GHz) DC – 20
Gain (dB) 19.5
Noise Figure (dB)  1.9
Output P1dB (dBm)  25
Output Psat (dBm) 27
OIP3 (dBm)  31
Bias Voltage (V) 5-8 / -1
Bias Current (mA) 200
Package 5×5 mm QFN
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