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In a world gone digital, people communicate in countless new ways. More than 216, 000 photos are uploaded in just ONE minute on the Internet. New habits and applications drive new demands for services and reliable network connections.

The Internet of Things is fast approaching and the industry estimates a staggering 50 billion devices on line in a few years. Many, if not the majority, of these connections will be wireless.

Millimeter Wave

Sivers IMA is proud to be a part of this exciting development. Our development of cutting edge millimeter wave products started in the 1950s. The result of this work is world-leading technology in the form of unique SiGe MMICs for V-and E-band.

Today, Sivers IMA supports the telecom industry with high quality converters and customized transceiver products. Sivers IMA Millimeter Wave Products are characterized by:

  • High quality
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Small form factor
  • Commodity components
  • Reliable delivery
  • Low cost for high added value

Our converters and customized transceivers have been proven to support gigabit per second wireless transmission.

We provide a wide range of high quality converters and customized transceivers products for different applications ranging from 60 to 90 GHz.


The Sivers IMA transceiver platform is a broadband and versatile building block for radio link applications. It is intended as a platform where customer requirements (such as extra gain, LO synthesizers, filters, diplexer, etc.) will be implemented upon request. The up- and down-converter function independently, and can thus be used in both frequency multiplexed and time multiplexed applications.

Integrated solution

It takes a specialized experience to develop a millimeter wave radio system. The difficulty of mass producing a radio front-end scales almost proportionally to the frequency. Sivers IMA takes the headache out of your next mm-wave design by offering an integrated solution with well-defined interfaces.

With our solution you will drastically reduce your development time, reduce the cost of the product and cut the time to market significantly. The converters allow a radio link manufacturer, by adding a few key components, to quickly and easily develop new products using millimeter wave technology.


  • Multi-Gbps wireless transfer
  • Small cell mm-wave backhaul
  • Remote radio mm-wave front haul
  • Point-to-point or multi-point radio
  • Measurement systems

Contact us

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact our sales team with your request. We have the ability to make many variations to connectors and cable assemblies. We will respond quickly to assist you with a reliable solution for your requirements.

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Product Description Frequency Data sheet Product brief
TRX 1608-LT6275 V-band Transceiver 57-71 GHz TRX Product brief
FC2121E/01 E-band Up-Converter 71-76 GHz TX Data sheet
FC2121E/02 E-band Up-Converter 81-86 GHz TX Data sheet
FC2221E/01 E-band Down-Converter 71-76 GHz RX Data sheet
FC2221E/02 E-band Down-Converter 81-86 GHz RX Data sheet
FC2121V/01 V-band Up-Converter 57-66 GHz TX Data sheet
FC2221V/01 V-band Down-Converter 57-66 GHz RX Data sheet
CO2201A/00 Converter Evaluation Board Data sheet
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