Smart lighting and IoT sensor platform slashes installation, energy, and maintenance costs using standardized Bluetooth Mesh powered by Nordic chips

Developed by multiple award-winning smart lighting startup, Gooee, and targeting LED lighting manufacturers, this smart lighting and IoT sensor networking platform is highly sophisticated yet uses simple hardware, a simple cloud-based interface, and can deliver up to 80 percent energy cost savings alone compared to conventional lighting installations


Nordic Semiconductor today announces that multiple award-winning smart lighting startup, Gooee, has specified Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology to provide Bluetooth SIG standard Bluetooth Mesh networking and beacon functionality in Gooee’s smart lighting and IoT sensor networking platform. Gooee predicts its platform will significantly simplify installation complexity, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, and transform human engagement within a retail, office, or other commercial environment.

Designed for LED lighting manufacturers, the Gooee smart lighting and IoT sensor platform captures and displays installation data, environmental information (e.g. room temperature and ambient light levels), human activity (e.g. motion, motion direction, and footfall), and LED lighting performance (e.g. light output, color temperature, quality, and operating temperature).

Gooee says the monitoring of each and every LED light in an installation, regardless of size, enables highly cost-efficient targeted maintenance as well as the opportunity for ‘predictive maintenance’ whereby tell-tale signs of shifts in an LED light’s performance can pin-point if they are likely to fail and when this is likely to happen, to allow even greater maintenance optimization. It also enables lifetime tracking of an LED’s performance facilitating extended warranty opportunities and again, further cost savings.

In operation, the Gooee smart lighting and IoT sensor platform employs a Wireless Interface Module (WIM) with an embedded Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 System-on-Chip (SoC) to control and monitor each LED light via its power supply. The WIMs also provide Bluetooth low energy beacon functionality for consumer engagement, and send collected data securely (using AES128 encryption) to a Gooee wireless enterprise gateway (with embedded nRF51822 SoC) and the Cloud via Bluetooth Mesh wireless technology.

“Lighting is one of the most ubiquitous applications we have in our lives right now – it’s installed in every room a person enters, from residential to retail to leisure to commercial to infrastructure,” comments Gooee CTO, Simon Coombes. “Yet the fundamental technology is over 100 years old which means for new buildings and lighting installations there is an opportunity for enormous installation, energy, and maintenance cost savings. There is also the ability to use the ubiquity of lighting infrastructure in new ways to intelligently and automatically serve and enrich, rather than just dumbly react to only a manual flick of a switch.”

Coombes continues: “I also have to comment on how fantastically-well Nordic Semiconductor have looked after us since the moment we approached them. They instantly ‘got’ our application and what we were trying to do, gave us access to an incredible engineering team, and treated us like a real partner. We just don’t think any of Nordic’s big player competitors would – or could – have got anywhere close to this kind of relationship, or not before we reached volume chip orders anyway. I cannot recommend Nordic Semiconductor enough to any startup reading this with an interest in Bluetooth low energy or Bluetooth Mesh for their application.”

“From a wireless technology perspective, smart lighting, like many areas of the IoT, is an emerging multi-horse race,” adds Alf Helge Omre, Nordic Semiconductor Business Development Manager for Bluetooth low energy. “But with the advent of Bluetooth Mesh networking, Bluetooth low energy went from being an ultra-low power, smart device-based, simple star network wireless technology, to one that is capable of being deployed in much larger and complex wireless applications with potentially millions of connected nodes. And further, all these nodes are still able to natively communicate with almost any smart device within a wireless ecosystem. I think this makes Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth Mesh very compelling for IoT applications such as smart lighting.”

Gooee has now begun shipping development kits to partners, and says its smart lighting and IoT sensor platform will become available from lighting brands in Q1 2017 onwards.

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