Breakthrough GaAs MMIC Wideband Low Phase Noise Amplifier Family Delivers Extremely Low Phase Noise

Custom MMIC has added new category to their rapidly expanding standard product offerings. Custom MMIC’s new GaAs MMIC Low Phase Noise Amplifier family offers previously unattained phase noise performance. Phase noise is a critical requirement which defines the performance level of most radars and communications systems. The five product family achieves phase noise performance as low as -165dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. They are used in Local Oscillator (LO) and high sensitivity receiver circuits for military and instrumentation applications. The MMIC family includes three die and two QFN packaged MMICs covering 6 to 22 and 30 to 40 GHz. Only a single positive power supply of 3 to 5 volts is required for these self-biased amplifiers.

For more information, visit the Custom MMIC product library to download the full datasheet on Custom MMIC’s Low Phase Noise Amplifiers.

Unwanted phase noise (aka jitter) leads to poor signal integrity and loss of targets in military radar theaters, and can dramatically reduce the effective bit-error-rate (BER) in data links. Meeting this challenge, Custom MMIC now offers a line of GaAs HBT RF / Microwave Low Phase Noise Amplifier (LPNA) MMICs covering 6 to 40 GHz (C, X, Ku, K, and Ka band), with low phase noise (low jitter) performance down to -165 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. Our LPNA MMICs can serve as Local Oscillator (LO) drivers or receiver amplifiers in a variety of phased array radar, EW, military radio, instrumentation, and aerospace and space communication designs. All Custom MMIC LPNAs provide 50 ohm matched outputs, eliminating the need for external port matching, and enable RF / Microwave engineers to innovatively resolve circuit design and SWaP-C challenges. A press release with further LPNA details can be found in our updates section. A white paper on the application engineering and design innovations an engineer can attain with Low Phase Noise Amplifier MMICs is forthcoming soon. To receive an advanced copy sign up to receive our routine MMIC design and product updates.

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