700-3000MHz 60W 28V GaN Power Amplifier

Model APCT-0.70-3.00-60-28V is a gallium-nitride (GaN) solid state broadband high power amplifier designed to provide 60 W output power across its full operating bandwidth and operate from a +28V supply. This compact module utilizes high power advanced GaN on SiC transistors that provide excellent power density, high efficiency and wide dynamic range. Exceptional performance, long term reliability and high efficiency are achieved by employing advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques, machined housings and qualified components. UWB TECH ISO9001 Quality Management System assures consistent performance and the highest reliability.


  • Class AB GaN linear
  • Instantaneous wide bandwidth
  • Small form factor and lightweight
  • Built-in temperature monitoring
  • Built-in high speed switching On/Off
  • 50Ω input/output impedance
  • High reliability and ruggedness


  • General Purpose
  • Communication Systems
  • RF Frequency Jamming Systems
  • ISM(Industrial, Scientific and Medical equipment)
  • Radar Simulator
  • EMC Testing
  • Broadcasting


Download Datasheet here: APCT-0.70-3.00-60-28V _ version 1.0

UWBTECH has capabilities to design and manufacture broadband GaN Power Amplifiers from DC to 6000 MHz in various power levels and frequency ranges. Please contact us at below emails if you want to purchase our standard products or to customize.




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