Nordic Semiconductor releases new S132 SoftDevice and nRF5 SDK with support for 20 concurrent connections and variable data bandwidth for each connection

Nordic semiconductor has released the latest version of its S132 SoftDevice for the nRF52832 multi-protocol SoC. This latest SoftDevice can support up to 20 concurrent connections in a variety of Bluetooth low energy role combinations to suit almost any application scenario.

In addition to offering unparalleled connectivity options for different applications the new S132 enables specific tailoring of data bandwidth settings for each link according to its needs. Each link can be setup for low, medium or high bandwidth options, which is highly advantageous especially in fitness and wearable applications where multiple links can be in operation simultaneously but performing very different functions.

The S132 v4.0.2 is accompanied by the new nRF5 SDK v13.0, which offers full developer support for this SoftDevice and has a range of new and useful features including improved secure DFU, full Eddystone support and 802.15.4 MAC support plus much more.

The S132 v4.0.2 and nRF5 SDK v13.0 is available now for developers to use and create a wide range of new and exciting use cases for Bluetooth low energy.

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