u-blox NINA-W1 – the most secure Wi‑Fi IoT modules for industrial markets

The u-blox NINA-W1 series of stand-alone Wi-Fi modules offers exceptional security features, making them particularly valuable in demanding applications that require secure wireless connectivity. NINA-W1’s secure Wi-Fi connectivity can:
• connect video cameras to alarm centers,
• gather information for improved healthcare monitoring,
• increase flexibility through point-of-sale device mobility,
• make industrial connected tools and equipment more efficient,
• offer new possibilities for smart appliances,
• and transmit collected vehicle status information to a fleet operations center.

The NINA-W1 series is tamper-proof because it communicates only via original u-blox software and offers end-to-end Wi-Fi security. The NINA-W1 stand-alone module series is all about high security, low power consumption, small footprint, antenna options, and global certification. NINA-W1 offers the most secure Wi-Fi modules for industrial markets. www.u-blox.com/nina-w1

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