Taking a deeper dive into Bluetooth 5

Courtesy of Nordic Semiconductor 

The first in a series of blogs that will help educate on what is most important about Bluetooth 5 and take you deeper into the details of how it works and how you can benefit most from using it.

Taking Bluetooth further, faster

Bluetooth 5 has been with us for a few months now and is proving to be as exciting in the world of Bluetooth developers we talk to as it was to us when the specification was proposed. With its core additions of considerably longer range (x4), doubled throughput and improved broadcasting bandwidth, it is no exaggeration to say this is the biggest thing to happen to Bluetooth since the introduction of low energy in v4.0. Five is going to take Bluetooth, quite literally, to places it has not been before.

Bluetooth 5 ready. Really?

When it comes to planning development for Bluetooth 5 and using its exciting new features there are some considerations to bear in mind to avoid disappointment. Bluetooth devices are fit for declaration of readiness for a Bluetooth specification by ensuring it fulfills the associated errata for that specification. This is in accordance with the Bluetooth SIG rules, so fair enough.

– Moreover, some manufacturers will actually say that –

The Nordic approach to Bluetooth 5 supporting products

However, we at Nordic do not take that approach, we believe more often is the case that almost anyone wanting to develop for Bluetooth 5 will wish to use one or more of the new additions that came with that specification. For Bluetooth 5 it is highly likely they belong to one or more of these three major advancements:

  • 2Mbs for higher throughput and/or energy saving
  • 500/125kbs modes for considerably increased range (x4)
  • Advertising extensions for increased broadcast capacity (x8)

We suggest if you want to develop products for Bluetooth 5, quickly check out that the devices you may be considering do actually support the features you are looking for and are not just claiming Bluetooth 5 based on fulfilling the errata, otherwise there is the risk of wasted time and disappointment.

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