Tibbo Newsflash, May 3, 2017 edition: 1-wire support, and more…

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Tibbo Project System (TPS) now supports…

1-wire Sensors

Use Tibbit #31 (“PIC coprocessor”) to collect data from 1-wire and single-wire sensors. Our PIC code and Tibbo BASIC app support original “Dallas” temperature sensing devices (now sold by Maxim Integrated), as well as temperature and temperature/humidity sensors offered by other vendors.

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Here is how we use UniQB beams and TPS devices…

On our Factory Floor

Here at Tibbo, we employ Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices to produce more TPS devices. Take a look at the new rig we use to configure and test Linux Tibbo Project PCBs (LTPPs). UniQB beams form the rig’s structure with two TPS systems on it: An LTPP3 system running the configuration and testing process, and an additional TPP2L device serving as the operator’s console.

Got an idea on how to use TPS and UniQB in your factory or lab project? Let us know! We have years of experience in using TPS devices to automate production and test operations.


Development tools

Tibbo IDE Update

Tibbo IDE is a simple yet powerful tool for creating Tibbo BASIC and/or Tibbo C applications for our modules, controllers, and Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices. The new release V5.03.13 brings a faster C compiler, as well as multiple small functionality improvements




Code example

Simple TCP Echo

Wondering what Tibbo BASIC and C applications look like? Here is a super-small Tibbo BASIC project implementing a TCP echo application. Just 15 lines of code do the job, and you get a fully asynchronous, event-driven echo application!

Hint: viewing on a mobile phone? Use the phone in the portrait mode to view the code correctly.

sub on_sys_init()
net.ip=”″    ‘<== SET DEVICE IP HEREsock.num=0                ‘for clarity
sock.rxbuffrq(1)          ‘request RX buffer
sock.txbuffrq(1)          ‘request TX buffer
sys.buffalloc             ‘allocate buffers
end subsub on_sock_data_arrival()
end sub


Learn about Tibbo BASIC and C


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