DC to 20 GHz Wideband GaAs MMIC Distributed Power Amplifier Provides High Linearity

Courtesy of Custom MMIC

Custom MMIC has added a new packaged distributed amplifier, CMD201P5, to its growing portfolio of Broad Range Distributed Amplifier MMICs. Beyond ultra-wideband performance of DC to 20 GHz, this new distributed power amplifier also features high linearity with high output power and very low return loss.

The CMD201P5 distributed power amplifier provides 11 dB of gain with an output 1 dB compression point of over 28 dBm and output IP3 of +38 dBm at 10 GHz. The input return loss and output return loss are excellent at -16 dB and -17 dB, respectively. This GaAs amplifier also delivers excellent temperature behavior with highly stable output power, noise figure, OIP3, and P1dB over temperature.

The CMD201P5 is offered in a compact 5×5 mm plastic QFN package, and also features built 50 ohm matched design, which eliminates the need for additional RF port matching circuitry external to the MMIC.

For more information visit the Custom MMIC product library to download datasheet of the CMD201p5 Distributed Power Amplifier.

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