Introducing VERA-P1 together with V2X demos @TUDetroit

Courtesy of u-blox

The u-blox VERA‑P1 series is the latest in its range of V2X modules designed to accelerate the development of safer and more automated vehicles. The goal of developing safe and reliable self‑driving cars can only be realized through technology. Known respectively as Vehicle‑To‑Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle‑to‑Infrastructure (V2I), but collectively as Vehicle‑to‑Everything (V2X), the next generation V2X transceiver 802.11p modules build on industry leading technology with smaller, cost effective, production ready solution. Meet VERA-P1 – the most flexible and best performing V2X modules in the market – and a number of live V2X demonstrations conducted at TU-Automotive Detroit in June, 2017

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