Taoglas MCS6.A CAT M1 Low Profile LTE/Cellular SMD Dielectric Antenna

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Part No.: MCS6.A

Product Name:

CAT M1 Low Profile

LTE SMD Dielectric Antenna


  • CAT M1 Bands
  • 698~960MHz / 1710~2690MHz
  • High Efficiency Multi-Band SMD antenna Low profile 42*10*3mm
  • RoHs Compliant

The MCS6.A is a low profile SMD CAT M1 Bands / 4G/3G/2G embedded antenna designed for direct SMD mount on a device PCB. It provides high efficiency in a very small form factor of just 42*10*3mm.

Category (CAT) M1 is a low power wide area (LPWA) technology specifically designed for IoT and M2M. CAT M1 technology offers lower maintenance cost, with greater efficiency and reliability by reducing power consumption and providing deeper penetration compared to standard cellular technologies. It operates on secure mobile networks making it suited to automotive, smart meter, medical and smart city applications.

If tuning is required the MCS.06 can be tuned for the device environment, while there is no need for new tooling. Its rectangular shape and very small size makes it very easy to integrate – packaged in tape and reel, it can be mounted via pick and place to reflow solder directly on the edge of the PCB board. This antenna is recommended to be used with longer ground-plane lengths of 120mm or more to attain its highest rated efficiency.

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