LabSat Wideband – now with built in webserver

Courtesy of LabSat

LabSat 3 Wideband can record and replay multiple signals from different satellite constellations, simultaneously. It’s our most powerful LabSat yet, built into a small, portable, and lightweight package. And now it features remote control via Telnet, and a web server interface.

Webserver Configuration

The web server control makes using LabSat 3 Wideband very simple. Easily accessed via the LabSat ethernet connection through a standard web browser, the HTML interface graphically displays bandwidth, centre frequency, and signal capture.

To see how it works, try out our online demo which allows you to create configurations as if you were doing it on a live unit. You can set the number of channels, bandwidth, and quantization to see which signals can be recorded and from which constellations, and also ‘replay’ a scenario to see how it is represented in the GNSS monitor.

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