Guardian Series by Taoglas

The Guardian Series is designed to fit in the small spaces under the roof of vehicles and include up to 4, 5, 6, up to 11 in 1 antenna options for 4G LTE cellular applications that also require GNSS and/or Wi-Fi or satellite options.

Drilling holes in assets and doing long coaxial cable runs is a thing of the past for many IoT applications, particularly in the transportation industry. Most vehicles and assets are no longer made from metal, but of a carbon fiber or composite material. This means the antenna does not need to be outside the asset but can be mounted internally.

A good example is in the trucking industry where we now see antennas mounted under the roof and above the headliner hence eliminating the need for holes to be drilled. This saves huge amounts of time and cost for the installation as well as increasing device performance due to the cable runs being shorter. It also decreases the likelihood of antenna damage due to impact or vandalism etc. For the bus and rail industries Routers and Gateways must provide carrier aggregation and bonding to achieve a reliable and high-speed data link, requiring many more antennas than before. This demands a much higher level of RF design skill for the antennas, to prevent self-interference issues destroying throughput. All antennas in the combination Taoglas Guardian series have been optimized individually for efficiency, and for isolation, to deliver the best throughput for your Routers and Gateway devices.

The Guardian series antennas work worldwide and are delivered in a gloss finished compact square shaped enclosure (146*134*20mm).


Courtesy of Taoglas

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