Tech Brief Describes the Benefits of Designing Wideband EW Systems with Positive Gain Slope MMIC Amplifiers

Courtesy of Custom MMIC

We are proud to announce our latest technical brief “Realizing the SwaP-C Benefits of Designing with Positive Gain Slope MMIC Amplifiers

Modern wideband microwave systems often require a flat overall gain response with respect to frequency. Achieving this performance can be difficult, however, since most wideband microwave components exhibit a negative gain slope as the frequency increases. In this technical brief, written by Custom MMIC’s Senior Applications Engineer, Chris Gregoire, an innovative solution to achieving a flat system response is thoroughly described.

Typically, this performance is achieved using equalizers to cancel the effects of negative gain slope components, however, a more efficient solution utilizes positive gain slope amplifier MMICs that eliminate the need for equalization. This approach reduces the size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) of the overall system directly through elimination of a series of now unnecessary passive components used in the equalization process. In addition, for systems that require multiple amplifier stages, the elimination of additional loss will reduce the total number of gain stages required. This will decrease a microwave system’s power consumption significantly.

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