With UBX-P3, u-blox accelerates V2X active traffic safety

Courtesy of u-blox : With UBX-P3, u-blox accelerates V2X active traffic safety

UBX-P3 is the industry’s smallest concurrent dual-channel vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication chip. It is based on the DSRC/802.11p standard. The UBX-P3 takes u‑blox’s commitment to shaping the future of active safety and autonomous driving technologies to the level of industrialization. Driven by demands for reducing traffic accidents and optimized traffic management, V2X technology leverages wireless communication for vehicle‑to‑vehicle (V2V) and vehicle‑to‑infrastructure (V2I) communication, giving all vehicles on the road a shared real-time perception of their surroundings. In addition to increasing road safety, V2X technology improves traffic management and enables wide-ranging applications such as truck platooning as well as in areas including smart cities, mining, and agriculture. In this video, you’re introduced to some V2V applications that UBX-P3 would enable. Learn more at www.u-blox.com/product/ubx-p3.

The UBX-P3 is a compact Wi-Fi chip that provides full 802.11p functionality for V2X applications. The chip operates on both 5.9 GHz and 760 MHz frequency bands. The UBX-P3 is fully compliant with IEEE WAVE and ETSI V2X requirements and enables concurrent reception on two 802.11p channels. The chip supports diversity in both transmit and receive directions, thus providing vehicles full coverage with no “dead” areas. The UBX-P3 chip features an Ethernet host interface, which allows maximal flexibility in placing the chip in a vehicle, independent of the distance from the host processor. It also offers a solution for smart antennas and distributed systems in the vehicle. The UBX-P3 chip has superior RF performance and a robust design, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments. The chip is fully qualified in accordance with the highly demanding AEC-Q100 grade 2 specification.

Smallest concurrent dual-channel V2X chip:

• Compact 9 x 11 x 1.04 mm V2X chip
• Co-packed power management unit
• Concurrent dual channel / diversity for robustness and full coverage around the vehicle
• Operating temperature of -40 °C to +105 °C
• Low power consumption – less than 1 W
• Supports smart antenna deployment

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