u-blox ZED-F9T module

Courtesy of u-blox : ZED-F9T high accuracy timing module

Multi-band GNSS receiver with nanosecond-level timing accuracy

  • Meets the most stringent 5G timing requirements
  • Ideal for global deployments due to GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception
  • Unaffected by ionospheric errors
  • Differential timing mode for highly accurate local timing
  • Built‑in security for highest robustness against malicious attacks

The ZED-F9T timing module provides nanosecond-level timing accuracy to the most demanding infrastructure applications. ZED-F9T is designed to meet the most stringent timing synchronization requirements in 5G mobile networks on a global scale. By significantly reducing the time error of the primary source of cellular network synchronization, the ZED‑F9T will help operators maximize the performance of their networks and so optimize the return on their investment in 5G communications.

The timing module’s multi-band capability reduces the timing error under clear skies to less than 5 ns without the need for an external GNSS correction service. To further improve accuracy locally, the ZED-F9T features differential timing modes that exchange correction data with other neighboring GNSS timing receivers via a communication network. Multi-band access to all four satellite constellations strengthens the receiver’s capability for delivering more reliable performance.

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