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In this sixth edition of the u-blox magazine, we explore the transformational impact digitalization has already had on the global food industry, as well as its future potential to tackle some of the challenges that lie ahead.

The Internet of Food

Deep-reaching digitalization of the food sector, from agriculture to processing to retail, is already bearing fruit. Here are some food-facts to chew on: Three quarters of the world’s
food is made from just twelve plant and five animal species. We already grow enough food to feed ten billion people, yet one in nine remains undernourished. Leafy greens were the prime source of food poisoning in the US in the decade leading up to 2008 – far more common than fish and shellfish. The Arab Spring can be traced back, in part, to a spike in food prices. And, probably for the first time in history, more people are dying from the consequences of a bad diet than from hunger. Now digest that for a minute.

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