High-performance MMIC Line Now Up to 150 Industry Leading Designs

Courtesy of Custom MMIC : High-performance MMIC Line Now Up to 150 Industry Leading Designs

We are excited to announce that our latest catalog of standardized GaAs and GaN MMIC designs has reached over 150 devices, with 30 new product releases in 2018.

Products released in 2018 include: 8 Low Noise Amplifier MMICs, 2 Driver Amplifier MMICs, 2 Power Amplifier MMICs, 2 Mixer MMICs, 1 Phase Shifter MMIC, 2 Multiplier MMICs, 4 Switch MMICs, and 8 Digital Attenuator MMICs. The full list of products can be viewed below.

“As we continue to respond to customer requests to assist with improving noise performance and SWaP-C our MMIC library is growing rapidly,” said John Greichen, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We’re getting excellent response to our growing number of devices operated via positive bias, and our broadband solutions—particularly those offering positive gain slope.”



Low Noise Amplifiers
CMD270 Low Noise Amplifier
CMD270P3 Low Noise Amplifier
CMD290 GaN Low Noise Amplifier
CMD218C4 GaN Low Noise Amplifier
CMD276C4 GaN Low Noise Amplifier
CMD277C4 GaN Low Noise Amplifier
CMD278C4 GaN Low Noise Amplifier
CMD283C3 Ultra Low Noise Amplifier
Driver Amplifiers
CMD291 Driver Amplifier
CMD293 Driver Amplifier
Power Amplifiers
CMD262 GaN Power Amplifier
CMD249P5 Distributed Power Amplifier
CMD274 I/Q Mixer
CMD182 I/Q Mixer
Phase Shifters
CMD174 5-Bit Digital Phase Shifter
CMD227C3 Passive Frequency Doubler
CMD256 Passive Frequency Doubler
CMD272P3 DPDT Transfer Switch
CMD235C4 SP5T Non-reflective Switch
CMD236C4 SP6T Non-reflective Switch
CMD273P3 DPDT Transfer Switch
Digital Attenuators
CMD279 5-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD279C3 5-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD280 5-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD280C3 5-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD281 2-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD281C3 2-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD282 2-bit Digital Attenuator
CMD282C3 2-bit Digital Attenuator


Amplifier MMICs
Our innovative amplifier MMIC products provide industry-leading gain flatness and stability, the best noise figure, phase noise and linearity, and also offer unique benefits such as wide bandwidths, positive gain slope, positive biasing, and 50 ohm matching. Models include low noise amplifiers (LNAs)driver amplifierspower amplifierslow phase noise amplifiers (LPNAs) and broad range distributed amplifiers.

MMIC Switches, Phase Shifters, and Attenuators
Our growing MMIC switch and attenuator MMICs offer industry-leading insertion/conversion loss, bandwidth, and isolation for advanced signal chain design. Products include SPST to SP4T SwitchesRF Phase Shifters, and Attenuators (VVA and Digital).

Mixer and Multiplier MMICs
Our reecent gain and phase control products provide the highest accuracy, along with low loss. Our mixer models include fundamental mixersdual mixers, and I/Q / I/R mixers. Our RF multiplier MMIC family includes both passive and active MMICs.

Space Qualified MMICs
For RF / microwave designs that require space qualification, Custom MMIC offers screening of our standard MMICs to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K & MIL-PRF-38535 Class S. Several low noise amplifiers (LNA) MMICs, and a driver amplifier MMIC, have been previously space qualified. Our CMD 162 LNA is assisting Australia’s Sky Muster broadband satelite system stay active.

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