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Wireless Connectivity has become a major consideration for building owners. As 80% of cellular connectivity occurs indoors the reliance on the LTE network poses a problem for large buildings which have little or no cellular coverage.

Taoglas provides a selection of iDAS (Indoor Distribution Antenna Systems) which will facilitate and provide coverage for smartphone usage and wireless internet to support smart buildings.

For applications such as smart lighting, heating management, connected security as well as monitoring, pollution and earthquake warning systems. Buildings today more than ever need a reliable network to be able to ensure the support of M2M and IoT connectivity.

Many hospitals, airports and stadiums will have reliable Wi-Fi but cellular coverage is still necessary for building owners. Cellular coverage has advantages of Wi-Fi because it is broader and is, therefore, more suitable for IoT. Furthermore, cellular data is encrypted whereas data over WiFi is not, making it a more secure solution for payment systems.

Networks using the LPWAN, CAT-M or NB-IoT using mobile networks will benefit from boosting the cellular network in buildings. The LPWA network ensures decreased power consumption costs while still providing a wide range of coverage.

LTE Public Safety networks in the US (FirstNet) and the UK, (ESN)  rely on cellular connectivity. While building infrastructure created problems for effective public safety communications in the past, iDAS creates a solution for building owners and for First Responders.

Finally, the installation of iDAS antennas decreases costs for the building owner because there is little or no need to install a large number of Wi-Fi routers in the building because cellular coverage is sufficient in order to decrease dependency on Wi-Fi connectivity.

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