Taoglas Omega External Rx & Tx Antenna

Courtesy of Taoglas : Omega TCP.02 5.8GHz External Rx & Tx Antenna, 50mm SS402

Omega 5.8GHz Circularly Polarized Antenna Set
1 x Omega 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Omni Rx Antenna
1 x Omega 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Omni Tx Antenna
Frequency Range: 5600~6000MHz
Peak Gain: 3 dBic typ
Efficiency: 80% typ
50mm SS402 RP-SMA(M)ST

Cable length and connector types are customizable.

The Omega 5.8 GHz circularly polarized clover leaf antenna set comprises of one each of a Tx and Rx antenna. They are omnidirectional, high efficiency, circularly polarized antennas with a robust housing for UAV, FPV, and other wireless video transmission/receiving equipment. Circular polarized antennas are an ideal choice for UAV’s because the signal link is much more stable (max 3dB decrease) in different orientations than when using a linear antenna where one could easily have a 20dB+ decrease depending on orientation.

The Omega features an excellent efficiency of over 70%. High-efficiency antennas are needed for the higher throughput requirements of drone applications, especially high definition video streams. Unlike most antennas in this market which are made in small workshops without RF chambers, Taoglas antennas are designed and manufactured in world-class manufacturing facilities to the most stringent standards. We show the true polarization and gain performance tested in our multi-million dollar RF facilities. Most of our competitors just show theoretical circular polarized patterns and gains which are not indicative of anywhere close to the real circular polarization, many are actually linearly polarized at the frequencies of interest, in fact there is no small antenna of this type that can maintain true circular polarization across the whole WiFi band (true circular polarization being defined by the axial ratio being below 3). We have tested many
antennas on the market and many of the competitor’s axial ratio performance of 10 and above indicate they are actually linear polarized antennas. Also, every Taoglas antenna must pass level quality control and records of every antenna performance are kept forever on our systems.

The Omega antenna set includes a clover leaf TX antenna and a clover leaf RX antenna. The antenna is simple to install on 5.8GHz video transmitters and receivers and features a circular, robust housing to protect the inner antenna structure during rough landings. The Omega antenna is also IP65 water resistant.

Typical Applications:

  • First Person View (FPV) applications
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Quad-copters
  • WIFI remote control applications

This antenna model implements highly quality SS402 semi-rigid cable which is RF microwave low loss cable for military and commercial aerospace applications. The cable can be bent to a fixed orientation, for ease of installation.

Note – Taoglas also has a range of filters available to reduce interference from other
transmitters and sources of noise. In this application, Airvu 5.8G Band Pass SMA Filters
attached between the antenna and your onboard connector are a great choice.

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