MMIC Evaluation Boards

Courtesy of Custom MMIC : MMIC Evaluation Boards

“We’re committed to helping you get through your evaluation and prototyping period quickly and efficiently. In addition to being able to order a pre-tested Custom MMIC evaluation board from stock for most of our packaged MMIC devices, we have also recently put nearly 30% of our devices into the X-Microwave block (X-MWblock) system for evaluation in this way. X-Microwave’s innovative, drop-in simulation, prototyping, and production system enables efficient and expedient microwave and millimeter-wave circuit development and testing, using industry grade non-linear online simulation tools powered by Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys engine. Over 35 of our leading LNAs, Power Amplifiers, Distributed Amplifiers, Driver Amplifiers, Low Phase Noise Amplifiers, Phase Shifters, Switches, and Mixers can be evaluated and prototyped quickly with this method.”

X-MWblocks Available


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