Tibbo Adds a J-Link RTT Terminal Plugin and Other Useful Features to IO Ninja Terminal/Sniffer Software

Tibbo Adds a J-Link RTT Terminal Plugin and Other Useful Features to IO Ninja Terminal/Sniffer Software

J-Link RTT Terminal Plugin

Tibbo engineers are very fond of excellent J-Link Debug Probes made by SEGGER. We especially like the Real-Time Trace (RTT) feature. Regrettably, SEGGER’s own RTT Viewer software is a bit too simple for our needs. This is why we have created an RTT Terminal plugin for IO Ninja. Use the new plugin with your J-Link Probe and take advantage of all the features offered by IO Ninja, including its ability to accumulate and navigate massive logs.

Serial Dump Viewer Plugin

If you’ve been following our recent releases, then you already know that Ninja can monitor serial traffic on a remote device (such as a Raspberry Pi board) through an SSH connection. Release 3.11 adds the ability to first record the serial communications dump, and then view it in IO Ninja.

Advanced Layer Configuration

Layers exist to extend the functionality of IO Ninja session plugins. For example, you can start a Serial session and add a Modbus Analyzer layer to it. The same Modbus Analyzer layer can be added to other sessions (Serial Monitor, Serial Tap, TCP Flow Monitor, etc.), and this is why layers exist independently from session plugins.

Release 3.11 brings a few important improvements to IO Ninja layers. Now you can:

  • Start sessions with required layers already added;
  • Apply layers to log (*.njlog) files;
  • Change the order of layers; and

Add and remove several layers at the same time.

Running Sessions as Administrator

Now and then, a need arises to launch an IO Ninja session as Administrator (for example, to monitor devices such as serial ports or named pipes). Now all you have to do is click “Run as Administrator” on the “New Session” dialog and — voila! — the new session will run “elevated.”

Monitoring Modbus Over Half-duplex RTS – Flow-controlled Links

Analyzing half-duplex Modbus traffic is not easy — Modbus commands and replies are indistinguishable. Hence, our Modbus Analyzer simply assumes that the first packet is a command from the master, the second packet is a reply from a slave, the next packet is the master’s command again, and so on. This “alternating” approach is prone to getting out-of-sync on communications errors. Release 3.11 introduces support for half-duplex links with RTS flow control. When available, the RTS flow “synchronization” makes the analysis of half-duplex Modbus much more reliable.

Support IO Ninja

Here at Tibbo, we try to release a meaningful IO Ninja update every few months. We’ve had four updates so far in 2019 alone, two of them significant. In fact, we are so active in developing new Ninja features that we are thinking of raising IO Ninja prices or limiting the free update period for new licenses… but it hasn’t happened just yet. For a limited time, you can still take advantage of the current licensing model of IO Ninja 3. So, go ahead and purchase your IO Ninja license while the prices are still low!

Courtesy of Tibbo

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