Taoglas Meteor Flexible 868MHz Whip Antenna

Taoglas Flexible 868MHz Whip Antenna

Taoglas Flexible 868MHz Whip Antenna

The FW.86 is a flexible 868MHz whip antenna with an RP-N type (M) connector for outdoor use. It features excellent efficiency (>95%) and high peak gain (>4.5 dBi) at 868MHz on a 30×30 cm ground plane. The antenna was specifically developed for monitoring systems, such as weather monitoring, motion/vibration sensors, and pollutants monitoring. The FW.86 has an excellent omni-directional radiation pattern, ensuring wide coverage. The antennas high efficiency means that it allows your radio to consume less power than with a lower efficiency antenna when transferring data. It also means a better strength of signal, and better sensitivity in areas of low signal levels.

The antenna performs at its best while attached to a ground plane with dimensions of at least 30×30 cm. For an environment where there is no ground-plane available we recommend to use the TI.18 or OMB.868. The FW.86 whip is made of a flexible inner steel core covered by PE so it is extremely resistant to abrasion and maintains its original shape and RF performance even after shock. This rugged design and IP67 rating on the housing ensure high reliability. This antenna also comes with SMA(M) connector as standard. Other custom variants can be provided subject to NRE and MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas office for details.

Meteor FW.86 868MHz 4.78dBi Flexible Whip Monopole, RP-N Type(M)

  • Meteor 868MHz Flexible Whip Monopole Antenna
  • Peak Gain 4.78dBi (on 30*30cm Ground Plane)*
  • Efficiency 96% (on 30*30cm Ground Plane)*
  • Flexible Inner Steel Core Whip
  • Completely IP67, Robust Structure, Aesthetic
  • RP-N Type(M) Straight Plug
  • Dims: L=246mm Ø20mm
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