Supercombo Vehicle Mount 5in1 Antenna

Taoglas Supercombo Vehicle Mount 5in1 Antenna

Taoglas Supercombo Vehicle Mount 5in1 Antenna

MA1045 Supercombo Vehicle Mount 5in1 Antenna 2*GPS, Cellular, AM/FM & SDARS

  • Combination Vehicle Mount Antenna
  • 2* GPS Antenna: FAKRA Code C Blue
  • 1* LTE with fallback to 3G/2G: FAKRA Code D Bordeaux Violet
  • 1* SDARS: FAKRA Code K Curry Yellow
  • 1* AM/FM: FAKRA Code A Black
  • IP65 Rated Waterproof
  • Manufactured in TS16949 Automotive Approved Facilities
  • RoHS & Reach Compliant

The MA1045 Supercombo Vehicle Mount 5in1 Antenna is the world’s smallest next-generation 5in1, vehicle roof permanent mount solution. Fully IP67 waterproof with robust ABS+PC housing. The antenna is approved for use on heavy-duty trucks and meets the strictest OEM heavy-duty truck standards. It supports the following bands: Two GPS outputs, LTE (4G/3G/2G), SDARS, and AM/FM/WB.

The antenna is first tier TS16949 heavy-duty truck approved and is an ideal choice for Automotive Telematic and heavy-duty plant applications.

The antenna comes with low-loss RG-174 coaxial pigtail cables as standard, terminating in FAKRA SMB code C for GPS, BNC for AM/FM/WB, FAKRA SMB code K for SDARS, and with FAKRA SMB code D for LTE. The SDARS antenna meets the latest (Gen 3) specifications.

The LTE antenna provides the highest efficiency on all common worldwide LTE bands and also works great if the system falls back to 3G and 2G as it also covers these cellular bands. The AM/FM/WB antenna has an in-built amplifier to increase receive signal sensitivity. The antenna works in conjunction with a 12v DC wire that powers the AM/FM/WB circuits. The antenna is manufactured in TS16949 automotive approved facilities.

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