IoT Security magazine: Everything you need to know

IoT Security magazine: Everything you need to know

Take a deep dive into IoT security – what it is, why it matters, and what you can do to protect your – and your customers’ – business

It’s time to get serious about IoT security

The future will be digital. Building out security on the Internet of Things will be vital to making our connected future a positive, fair, and sustainable one.

In the twelve seconds it takes you to read this sentence, around 1000 new devices will have connected to the internet, opening the doors to countless new applications that promise to make our lives, our cities, and our businesses better. 1 But it isn’t all good news. In the 40 seconds you’ll need to read this paragraph, Russian antivirus vendor Kaspersky’s honeypots will have detected an estimated 270 attacks on IoT devices. 2 And in the roughly twelve minutes you’ll spend on this article, skilled hackers recruiting a freshly connected IoT device into their botnet could do so not once, but twice. 3 Because the IoT bridges the virtual and physical worlds, their nefarious activities could well extend into your business, your home, or your body.

By connecting devices equipped with sensors or actuators to the cloud and leveraging powerful Big Data analytics algorithms, the IoT is already transforming every aspect of our lives, our society, and our economy. Adding cloud connectivity to previously disconnected devices – watches, phones, televisions, refrigerators, and coffee machines – is delivering services that dramatically increase our comfort and

Continuously monitoring ourselves and our environments and analyzing the gathered data for anomalies is offering new ways to improve our health and our physical safety. Automatically monitoring supply chains, production processes,
and product quality is transforming the productivity of our businesses. And the new communication channel between businesses and their fielded devices is creating new, lucrative business models. By 2024, the global IoT is expected to represent a US$ 6.5 trillion market. 4

1 Estimated from and

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