7928A Digital Phase Shifter by KRATOS General Microwave

7928A Digital Phase Shifter by KRATOS General Microwave

7928A Digital Phase Shifter by KRATOS General Microwave

The Model 7928A is a miniaturized, hermetically sealed PIN diode phase shifter that operates from 6 to 18 GHz providing a full 360° range of variable phase shift. It can also be used to perform frequency translation. The unit is an integrated assembly of an RF vector modulator and a driver circuit consisting of an 8-bit D/A converter and a voltage buffer. When used as a frequency translator, it has a translation rate of 0 to 500 kHz with carrier and sideband suppression levels of over 25 and 20 dB, respectively. This digital phase shifter has an insertion loss under 12 dB and a switching speed of less than 500 nsec. It can handle up to 30 dBm of input power and requires a 5 V supply. The phase shifter is available in a module with SMA M/F connectors.

Product Details

  • Part Number: 7928A
  • Manufacturer: KRATOS General Microwave
  • Description: Miniaturized 8 Bit Digital 360° Phase Shifter/Frequency Translator

General Parameters

  • Bits: 8 Bit
  • Frequency: 6 to 18 GHz
  • Phase_Shift: 360 Degrees in 256 steps
  • Power dBm: 20 dBm (Operating), 30 dBm (Survival)
  • Insertion Loss: 12 dB
  • Control Logic: 8 bit TTL
  • Switching Speed: 500 nsec
  • Supply Voltage: -15 to 5
  • Phase Error: +/-12 to +/-15 Degrees
  • Package Type: Module with Connectors
  • Connectors: SMA, SMA – Female, SMA – Male
  • Operating Temperature: -54 to 95 Degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: -55 to 125 Degrees C

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