Introducing Menlo Micro's MM6005 & MM5600

Introducing Menlo Micro’s MM6005 & MM5600

Introducing Menlo Micro’s MM6005 & MM5600

Menlo Micro’s excited to introduce two new products into the marketplace. Both are built on Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switch™ technology which offers unmatched RF performance, excellent thermal performance, and ultra-high levels of reliability.


The MM6005 (pictured above) is a High-Power Reconfigurable Filter that supports the popular 30 – 512 MHz military communications bands and supports up to 60 Watts CW in a form-factor that results in greater than 90% savings over traditional switched filter banks.


The MM5600 High-Speed Differential DPDT switch (pictured below) supports up to 40 Gbps for high-speed data applications. This switch can also be configured for single-ended operation for RF and microwave applications. The MM5600 saves over 90% over traditional electromechanical relays and comes in an 8mm x 8mm LGA surface-mount package.

Please visit and log in to the Menlo Micro Sales Support Portal for downloads of the latest technical specifications and presentations.

Both the MM5600 and MM6005 qualify for the enhanced margin program.

Courtesy of Menlo Micro

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