Introducing Menlo Micro's MM5130, MM6005 & MM5600

Introducing Menlo Micro’s MM5130, MM6005 & MM5600

Introducing Menlo Micro’s MM5130, MM6005 & MM5600

Menlo Micro is excited to be introducing three new products into the marketplace. All are built on Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switch™ technology which offers unmatched RF and thermal performance and ultra-high levels of reliability.


The MM5130 is now in production and is the world’s first generally available high-power RF SP4T switch. It can handle 25 Watts of RF power while providing ultra-low insertion loss. It has superior linearity from DC to 26 GHz and operates with greater than 3 billion switching cycles.


The MM6005 is a High-Power Reconfigurable Filter that supports the popular 30 – 512 MHz military communications bands and can handle up to 60 Watts CW, and the design results in a small form-factor with up to 90% size savings over traditional switched filter banks.


The MM5600 High-Speed Differential DPDT switch supports up to 40 Gbps, or 20 GHz, targeting high-speed data applications. This switch can also be configured for single-ended operation for RF and microwave applications. The MM5600 saves over 90% when compared with traditional electromechanical relays and comes in an 8mm x 8mm LGA surface-mount package.

Please visit and log in to the Menlo Micro Sales Support Portal for downloads of the latest technical specifications and presentations.

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