Connect the WM2000EV to Azure ~ Accelerate Code Development With CODY

Connect the WM2000EV to Azure ~ Accelerate Code Development With CODY

Connect the WM2000EV to Azure ~ Accelerate Code Development With CODY

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Explore Microsoft Azure With Your WM2000EV

We’re proud to present the next chapter in our guided journey of exploration for the WM2000EV kit. In the first two tutorials, we demonstrated several of the WM2000‘s primary features, including automatic Wi-Fi network association, wireless debugging, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) support through a simple API.

In this newest demonstration, we expand on these concepts to connect your WM2000 with Microsoft Azure — one of the world’s leading cloud services platforms. This time around, instead of just securely sending data to the cloud, we also send commands from Azure to control the WM2000EV’s built-in RGB LED. This functionality is crucial when developing Internet of Things (IoT) edge solutions that require more than just one-way communication with the cloud.

To make working with Azure as straightforward as possible, we’ve added a new method to our API for handling hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) processes. This method vastly simplifies connecting with Azure so that you only have to copy and paste a few keys into the app via Bluetooth. Of course, this method is also compatible with many other cloud platforms that implement this type of security.

As with our earlier demonstrations, the source code for this app is included in the WM2000EV Project Repository. Feel free to examine the code to better understand how the app works or for inspiration, or even use it as the foundation for your own IoT solution.


Meet Tibbo’s Project Wizard — CODY

Have you met CODY, Tibbo’s project code generator? While it has been available for some time, we want to take this opportunity to formally introduce you to CODY. To that end, we’ve prepared a short tutorial video demonstrating CODY’s low-code nature. In just a few minutes, you’ll set up an RS485 serial port on a TPP2(G2) to work with Modbus devices — a common requirement of industrial applications.

CODY creates the scaffolding for your application using Tibbo’s best coding practices. It dynamically generates everything you need to get started based on your device’s configuration: the project with functional sample code, software and Tibbit libraries, the programming platform for your device, and even the latest compatible firmware. This helps bootstrap development, helping you save time and resources and getting your product on the market faster.

We’re constantly improving and adding new features to CODY. From increasing the number of supported platforms and creating sample projects to integration with WebTIDE, our goal is to turn CODY into an indispensable resource for all your project development needs. Stay tuned for news about a new feature — App Blocks — that turns CODY into a nearly no-code development tool.

Courtesy of Tibbo

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