Simplify Your Product's Configuration With L.U.I.S.

Simplify Your Product’s Configuration With L.U.I.S.

Simplify Your Product’s Configuration With L.U.I.S.

Have you ever unboxed your new “smart” device only to find that its setup is a long, tedious process? Often, just configuring an IP address or Wi-Fi parameters requires multiple steps!

For example, you may have to disconnect your phone from the network and connect it to that device running in AP mode. Or you may have to use an Ethernet patch cable, connect your notebook directly to the device, fix your notebook’s IP, and only then finally get to the device’s configuration screen! All this doesn’t sound so smart for the age of smart devices.

Tibbo’s Loadable User Interface System (L.U.I.S.) simplifies your product’s deployment by making its configuration fast and effortless. All your customers will have to do is install the L.U.I.S. smartphone app and connect to your product via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface. There is no need for additional cables or even a computer, just the ubiquitous smartphone.

L.U.I.S. was designed to be infinitely flexible, with the device side sending the description of its configurable settings to the L.U.I.S. app. This means that L.U.I.S. is not limited to a few predetermined options, and each one of your products may offer its own unique list of configurable parameters. It’s entirely up to you what configuration options will be available via L.U.I.S.

Now, adding L.U.I.S. functionality to Tibbo BASIC projects is easier than ever thanks to full L.U.I.S. support in CODY, our project code generator. Define the settings, link them to your product’s functions, create a L.U.I.S. page, and voilà — your product is now easy to configure!

True to the no-code spirit of CODY, using it to add L.U.I.S. functionality to a project requires you to write zero code. To get you started, we have created a step-by-step tutorial video demonstrating the process of enabling the configuration of basic networking settings through L.U.I.S.

The L.U.I.S. app is available for iOS and Android devices, and as a web app.

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